Saudi German Hospital Madinah is the first Internationally Accredited Hospital to be awarded the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation.

The JCI offers education, advisory services, and international accreditation and certification to carefully vetted and distinguished hospitals, clinics, and academic medical centers intending to enhance patient safety and quality of care in the international community. Through accredited institutions and their certified programs, the JCI promotes rigorous standards of care and provides solutions that help achieve peak performance.

In order to obtain the JCI accreditation, healthcare organizations must undergo surveys that demonstrate a 6-month track record of compliance with JCI standards and on-site evaluations. When an organization successfully meets JCI requirements and complies with standards and International Patient Safety Goals (IPSGs), it is awarded the “accredited” title.

Upon successfully passing the on-site evaluation, proving compliance to the patient, public health, and staff safety standards, and having comprehensive strategies in place for risk reduction, patient identification, and safe handling of medications, Saudi German Hospital Madinah was granted the JCI Accreditation and has been an accredited organization for over a decade.